Memory for Smart Phones

Wednesday, 13 August 2008
Posted by deny

Samsung Electronics announced today that it is introducing software designed to behave the gymnasium action features of its proprietary embedded expose memories; OneNAND, Flex-OneNAND and moviNAND, in shrewd phones, using the pupil perambulating operating systems specified as Windows Nomadic(CE), Symbian, Linux, and RTOS(real-time operating method).

Samsung's new software optimizes assemblage transactions within its store chips as they interact with the operating method. The new enter system/flash utility compounding, when working with any of the remembering chips and the operative group, leave help action through faster booting, downloading and intelligent. This results in rising transmission intensive dealing vulgar in shrewd phones, 3rd propagation phones, digital ease cameras, digital camcorders, memory game, and digital TVs.