HTC's new S740

Saturday, 13 September 2008
Posted by deny

The converging with HTC provided us the original await on HTC's new S740 Windows Movable Value supercharged smartphone. This HSDPA 3G surefooted gimmick builds on the non-touchscreen slide-out keyboard design we prototypic saw with HTC's S710. The S740, notwithstanding, offers a overmuch larger keyboard with 4 rows of keys, gift it a sobering advance over the old models in terms of usability.

The software in the S740 seems quite sensitive, but in spite of the emblem's Diamond-esque look, the somebody programme lacks the refulgency and ameliorate that we see in the TouchFLO 3D system streaming on the newer touchscreen equipped smartphones from HTC. Gross, the phone looks very untold to be gushing touchstone Windows Mobile 6.1 software. The block that it all runs on is very curt, though, which we likeable.

The S740 is scheduled to be ready for get crosswise Aggregation subsequent this month. Works no language on pricing, tho'.