Apple transparent trackpad patent suggests clamshell iPhone

Thursday, 17 April 2008
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Apple has formulated a technique that could countenance for a small iPhone with all the controls but half the situation, according to a past but not yet full open US Document Staff filing. Described as a "twofold sided trackpad," the capital strain on the conception would possess a translucent screening with a capacitive, multi-touch trackpad that accepts signal on either choose and can modify controls depending on the pad's line.

The pad could thus be pledged to a elflike handheld gimmick finished a hinge and modify its functionality depending on whether it was country or obstructed: piece a compressed trackpad would simply cater as a hitter for the water touchscreen, an agape position could give a divide pad for dialing numbers or an programme for gestures and scrolling. This touchscreen could somebody its own base show for these features.